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A few words about "The next table"

Our purpose is not to score a book, but to discuss about it, taking inspiration from the reader’s personal observation and experience. This is the reason why we do not choose the term “review” but “presentation”, which is always subjective and altering, as it has to do with the reader’s personal aspect and can change from reading to reading, even when the reader remains the same person.

Many know it already; books, apart from the trip in which they can lure us, stimulate the imagination and strengthen the creativity; provoke a wide variety of emotions and reflection; cultivate critical thinking and language skills; are a kind of artistic expression and show cultural development; satisfy the desire for communication and the passion for self-knowledge; alleviate the thirst for knowledge and our need to be connected with our environment and the world itself. Books teach the love for literature and contribute to the real or an imaginary dialogue with us and the others. All the above, of course, are true both for those who write books and those who read them. The Next Table was made for those who know it already but also with the view to get to know all these who have not known it yet.

Bookcase is a column devoted to book’s presentations. This column presents older and new books written in Greek. 

The column Views accommodates texts about translation, book in general and interviews.

The Originals are unpublished pieces of literature, written by people who wanted to publish them in The Next Table for the first time and we thank them in advance.

We also thank in advance the artists who generously gave us their work to accompany the Originals. 

The Next Table is an online literary magazine that refers to mainly Greek literature. We are trying to translate the texts we write also in English and, obviously, this requires great effort and hundrends of hours. Another obstacle we face is that the books are usually not "officially" translated and therefore we have to "invent" our own translations for abstracts or the titles of the books or . So, the translations you will find here are simple proposals by The Next Table and the translation is a project in progress. In case a book has already been translated in English, then there is a direct reference.

Editor: Maria Filippou

Translation: Velissaria Bafataki, Nancy Karagatsides, Maria Filippou

The painting in our home page is made by: Theodoros Zyrpiadis